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1.My Personal Brand:   Resourceful, charismatic, personable motivator one that enjoys inspiring others.

I am known as an inspirational conversationalist, that will lead as well as follow, I have a good business sense as it relates to the economy. I honor learning, and gathering books is like getting savings bonds, I love having a hardback book for reference.  My passion is helping people so I choose to work in the fields where I was in constant interactions with various people from all walks of life.   I have been in Nursing and the Real Estate industry for over 25 years and  I have never regrated a day of either one. I have lifelong connections with those I provided nursing care to and those that either bought, sold, or rented a property from me.

I like good humor, however, I find it very distasteful when people abuse authority or display administrative prejudice or treat another underhandedly.  I do not like when individuals are not accountable for their actions or try to cover up by blaming another, especially in a professional capacity. People really do make the world go round it is the direction that matters.

  I am a visionary that loves hearing interesting stories that create pictures in my mind.. . .   I love a good belly laugh,

   I am a team player and flexible as well as committable to what I believe in.   I am a lover of God and His people.

2.When I enter the room, I want an employer to notice these three traits that I have, I am respectful, and I can show them this by making eye contact and keeping my body language in check. I want them to know that I am flexible, I can show them this when being asked if you can cover for someone else or if you can work in a different area, always taking the opportunity they are presenting can show them I am flexible. I want an employer to notice that I am responsible, I can show them this by coming in the room or leaving the room knowing where I am going and what I am doing and getting the tasks I am assigned too done in a timely manner.

The three skills I would want an employer to notice when I leave a room is that I have good communication skills, that I am patient and understanding with the children and lastly that I am creative in ways that allow me to get the children engaged in activities.

The traits and skills that I have a beneficial to an employer because when working with children you need to know how to communicate and be patient and understanding. All children learn differently so being flexible and respectful of their learning abilities will help me be beneficial to an employer.

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