brief essay comparing and contrasting scientific communication

2 page Scientific journalI’m working on a Science report and need a sample draft to help me understand better.You will compose a brief essay comparing and contrasting scientific communication, including the role science plays in contemporary society. distinguishing between science and pseudoscience, and identifying when science is misrepresented in the media. You will be given a news story and a scientific journal article that goes with it, which will be posted to Canvas. Each of these journal articles will have been drafted in a reputable online magazine, newspaper, or journal. The news story may or may not be, however, the news story was written about the scientific study. The following 2 articles are needed write your News Journal about. Remember the News article is ABOUT the Scientific article that is posted. Please note that this news story talks about TWO different scientific studies. The scientific article you have been provided is referred to as the Tel Aviv study in the news story.Article 1:!Article 2: