BUS 472 Project Schedules & Crashing Discussion

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 Developing schedules, activity network diagrams, and determining the  critical path are important for successful projects. This assignment  allows you to work through creating diagrams, identifying critical  paths, determine which tasks to crash, as well as identify resource  constraints.

Click here to download the Microsoft Excel template to use for this AssignmentPreview the document.

Activity Network Diagram. Using the data provided in  the Excel template develop an activity network diagram. Note an example  is created for you in Excel that you can alter.

Critical Path. Using the data provided in the Excel  template, determine the critical path by doing a forward and backwards  pass. Then identify the critical path and the longest duration.

Project Crashing. You are considering the decision of  whether or not to crash your project. After asking your operations  manager to conduct an analysis, you have determined the “precrash” and  “postcrash” activity durations and costs, as provided in the Excel  template. Compute the per day costs for crashing each activity and  determine what are the top two candidates for crashing.

Resource Loading. Review the resource-loading chart  provided in the Excel template. Suppose that you can commit a maximum of  eight resource hours per day. What are the dates on which the project  resources are overallocated? How could you reconfigure to correct the  overallocation? 


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