BUS 475 SU Business And Government Are Related Discussion


Week 4 Discussion

Since you have a paper due this week, this week’ s Discussion will be flexible!

Choose any topic you would like to discuss about the relationship between Business & Government. Find an article or video to support your topic and be sure to provide a link to the article or video.

***Please note: this discussion is about the relationship between Business and Government NOT just taking a personal political stance. Think along the lines of how Business impacts Government and/or how Government impacts Business***

Respond to at least one of your fellow classmates. Do you agree with their position? State at least one reason why or why not.

Below is a peer’s discussion post in which I’ll have to provide a response too.

Howard Gilbert

RE: Week 4 Discussion

Hi everyone,

I think that business and the government go hand in hand. The government sets rules and regulations for a business to follow. The business then uses those regulations and laws to conform to their business. They organize their business based on what they can and cannot do. The government also has to do all they can to make sure that the environment is suitable for the business. The business, in turn, must follow the regulations set forth by the government to help their business run smoothly and on a level playing field with other businesses.


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