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(Individual not a group assignment)

Create a fictional business and write a business proposal in Google docs or Microsoft Word. It must be a minimum of 4 pages. Create a powerpoint or slide deck for your presentation.  You have to pretend you are selling your idea to investors. The presentation must be 5-7 minutes.  Submit to Ecampus your Proposal with any references, PPT, and your Videotape, .See the attachments (templates, presentation design).  

The Business Proposal must contain all the information listed below. Every item needs a detailed explanation. 

  1. Executive Summary 
  2. Project Overview
  3. Scope of Work
  • Challenges and Goals
  • Deliverables and Timeline
  • Cost, Payment, and Legal Matters
  • Payment Schedule

         IV. Terms and Conditions

          V. Agreement


Make certain you either know or include the following in your proposal or presentation.

  • Name of your business
  • Hours you will be open
  • What do you do? (Fix, sell, build, feed, serve,  help?)
  • Location of the business. Is it a small, rural community or a large, urban community?
  • Where in the town will you be located? Actually, choose a location. Explain why that location will be good for your business.
  • Identify the competition in your business area and location.
  • How many employees will you need? You must have at least 3.
  • What specific positions will these employees hold?
  • Why do you think your business will succeed?
  • Graphics to help convey your ideas could be photos, organization chart, map,etc.

Business Proposal for “Fresh Start” Smoothie Bar

Executive Summary

Fresh Start is a smoothie bar that will be located in the heart of downtown in a large urban community.

Our mission is to provide fresh and healthy smoothies using locally sourced ingredients that are free from preservatives and additives (Strizhakova, Coulter & L Price, 2020).

We aim to create an inviting and relaxing environment where customers can come and enjoy a refreshing and healthy drink.

Project Overview

Fresh Start will specialize in creating customized smoothies tailored to the unique preferences of each customer.

We will offer a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and superfoods to choose from.

Allowing customers to create a smoothie that not only tastes delicious but also provides all the necessary nutrients.

In addition to smoothies, we will also offer healthy snacks, such as fruit bowls and energy bites, to complement our beverages.

Scope of Work

To create a unique and inviting atmosphere, we will focus on the design of our space.

We plan to incorporate natural elements, such as plants and wood finishes, to create a relaxing and welcoming environment (McKeever, 2018).

We will also invest in high-quality blenders and equipment to ensure the best possible smoothie-making experience for our customers.

Challenges and Goals

The main challenge we anticipate is the competition from other smoothie bars in the area.

Our goal is to differentiate ourselves by providing the highest quality ingredients and exceptional customer service (Frederick, O’Connor & Kuratko, 2019).

We also plan to offer loyalty programs and discounts to incentivize repeat customers.

Deliverables and Timeline

Our main deliverables will be the creation of a functional and inviting smoothie bar, a comprehensive menu, and a loyalty program (Easterby-Smith, 2021).

We plan to complete the construction of our space and order equipment within three months of securing funding.

The menu and loyalty program will be developed in parallel during this time.

We anticipate opening our doors for business within six months of securing funding.

Cost, Payment, and Legal Matters

The estimated cost to launch Fresh Start is $200,000, which includes the cost of construction, equipment, inventory, and operating expenses for the first six months.

We plan to finance the business through a combination of personal investment and bank loans.

Payment Schedule

We plan to pay off the bank loans within five years, and we anticipate becoming profitable within the first two years.

We plan to pay ourselves a salary from the profits after the first year of operation.

Terms and Conditions

We will adhere to all local and state health and safety regulations.

We will also maintain a high level of transparency with our customers by providing detailed information about the ingredients we use and the nutritional value of our products.


We are committed to creating a successful and sustainable business that provides a healthy and refreshing option to our community.

We are excited to bring our passion for healthy living to our customers and hope to make a positive impact on their lives.


Strizhakova, Y., Coulter, R., & L Price, L. (2020). A Global Consumer Culture Perspective on the Fresh Start Mindset. ACR North American Advances.

McKeever, M. P. (2018). How to write a business plan. Nolo.

Frederick, H., O’Connor, A., & Kuratko, D. F. (2018). Entrepreneurship. Cengage AU.

Easterby-Smith, M., Jaspersen, L. J., Thorpe, R., & Valizade, D. (2021). Management and business research. Sage.


Deliverables and timeline 5


No matter what type of business you run, and where you’re pitching your business proposal, you can assume your reader is pressed for time. That’s where an executive summary comes in. A good executive summary will introduce your company and sell your goals and visions in a short, concise way. By the end your reader will have no doubt about how you can help them – and will definitely want to keep reading. 

Cover the following points:

· Introduce your business and the work you do

· Showcase your unique approach to solving client problems

· Add details of your company goals, vision and mission statement 

· Build credibility and social collateral by covering previous successes and clients

Here’s an example to consider – remember your executive summary is your first introduction to a client, and should reflect your brand and tone of voice at all times:

[Your Company] is a leading provider of [service/product] to businesses in the [industry or niche name]. With a team of experts boasting extensive experience in the field, we are well placed to help our clients grow and thrive – even in challenging times. By really getting to know our customers, our talented team are able to offer unique and customized solutions backed by data driven analysis and broad research.

As a company we believe in building long lasting client partnerships which help us all grow. To learn more about how our tailor made [service/product] solutions can help your business flourish, read on.

Putting a smile on a customer’s face is everything to us. Previous happy clients of [Your Company] include:

· [client 1]

· [client 2]


This is your chance to show how well you understand your client’s pain points – and what you can do to alleviate them. Bear in mind that you may be tackling an issue your client is well aware of – or you may have spotted ways you can support their business that they haven’t yet considered yet. Outline the issues you believe your product or service can address within the client’s business, using market data and research to illustrate your points where possible. 

At this point you can stay quite top level – you’ll go into more detail about the specifics in the next section.

Here’s an example to consider:

Here’s how the unique [product/service] solutions offered by [Your Company] will support your business growth.

We know that the [target market] is facing challenges:

· [outline challenge/pain point 1 using data where possible]

· [outline challenge/pain point 2 using data where possible]

And where there is challenge there is also opportunity:

· [outline opportunities – or how you’ll help the reader’s business using data where possible]

The customized service we offer is key to making sure your business can achieve optimum growth and outpace the market. Our team will take the time to understand more about your company and align our strategy to your goals for a unique fit. You can expect ongoing support and customer service, with regular performance reviews to allow you to see the impact of our work, and provide opportunities for continuous improvement.


By this section you can really zero in on the specific challenges you’ve identified which may impact your target company. Give details where you can and show your assumptions where necessary.



Goals and Objectives

Company challenge 1

Identifying target customers

Company challenge 2

Completing market analysis

Deliverables and timeline



Market research and analysis


Set up business plan


Set up marketing plan



Below you will find a detailed outline of the proposed pricing, payment schedule and payment terms offered by [Your Company]: 














Payment amount

Payment Due Date

Payment amount



By now you’ve outlined the challenges the reader is facing and how you can help. The final stage is to summarize the overall agreement you’re entering into, and close the deal. Once you’ve reached this stage, you’re looking to lock in the client to a legal agreement, so it’s very important to make this section thorough, clear and accurate. Get legal advice if you need it, to make sure you’ve covered all your bases.

Having a concise and digestible terms and conditions leaves less room for misunderstanding at a later stage, so make sure you capture details such as:

· Project timeline and milestones

· Dates for review as needed

· Payment terms, dates and methods

Here’s an example to consider – add and edit to make sure your final business proposal covers everything you need for your specific project:

This [product/service] Business Proposal Contract outlines the terms and conditions that govern the contractual agreement between [Your Company] and [client company]. Both [Your Company] and [client company] agree to be bound by the terms laid out in this Business Proposal Contract.

whereas, the Seller agrees to deliver [product/service]

whereas, the Purchaser agrees to purchase [product/service] according to the terms and conditions laid out in this contract. 

Therefore, in consideration of the mutual agreement made by the parties hereto, the Seller and the Purchaser agree to the following:

Insert your terms and conditions here.


In signing this document below, [Your Name] and [Client Name] confirm their agreement to the terms and conditions laid out in this business proposal and form a binding contractual agreement beginning on the date of signing. 

[Your Company] [Client Company]

Signature Signature

Date Date

[Your Name] [Client Name]




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