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This reading report is based on too BIG to IGNORE chapters 5 and 6, 2 chapters from Bill Frank’s Tamingthe Big Data Tidal Wave book (posted on Canvas), and an Internet article on healthcare and big data(posted on Canvas), and additional material that you will supply.  The intention of this reading report isto start you focusing on your final project.  The chapters cover case studies, industry data use, and whatmakes a good analytics project.  Read the chapters, and, after doing so, find a big data discussion on linein whatever industry you choose (e.g., Google ‘big data and xxxx’).  The industry will, hopefully, berelated to your final project.  Make sure that it is a more detailed article than simply talking about theimportance of big data to xxxx industry.  As an example, the article on healthcare is very high level buttalks about what several companies in the industry are doing.  It can be used to go forward on a projector analyze what was done (from a high level, no detail of the actual analyses is presented).

Analyze the information you find on the internet in relation to the readings.  For example, does it fit theprofile of a good analysis?  Is it a framework for designing a project?  Are there actual findings, and if so,are they appropriate given the authors’ definitions of good projects?  Do they give you a way forwardfor your project proposal?After you thoroughly analyze the information, explain how it can either be 1) redesigned to be moreeffective, or 2) used as a framework for your own project proposal.

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