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Productivity and Evaluation in the Police Department week Week 3  discussion 1

Write a response to the following prompt:

  • What are the characteristics of today’s productive police department?
  • Describe how evaluation criteria employed in the traditional policing model, such as crime rates, clearance rates, and response times, have been problematic when applied to the community oriented policing and problem solving strategy. Provide at least two solutions to this. Our discussion is first then there response

Marcos: chermerhorn notes that productivity is a “summary measure of the quantity of work performance, with resource utilization considered.” These definitions point to four general concerns when attempting to measure productivity: efficiency, effectiveness, equity, and accountability (Peak, 2010).

Efficiency refers to performing tasks at lower costs.  This means that the department must be able to evaluate tasks and how to perform them at a lower cost, without compromising safety and service.

Effectiveness refers to how well the task is performed, regardless of cost, as a result of program activities: Were program goals met? The calculation of measures of effectiveness requires the identification of goals and goal achievement strategies (Peak, 2010)

Equity refers to the quality of service that every community is receiving.  This means that communities that are in the least favorable parts of town are receiving quality service that the nicer parts of town and vice versa.

Accountability means that officers do not forget that they are servants of the public and should not forget that there are other duties outside of crime fighting that comes with the job.

Productivity measurement is important because managers and supervisors must make judgments about the relative success of their subordinates and operational units. This generally entails comparing their productivity to some standard. In some cases, officers are compared to one another using averages; in other instances, they are compared to some universal departmental or unit standard (Peak, 2010).

A police officers evaluation must be based on his or her performance in all areas of law enforcement.  This will send the individual officer the message that every area in his or he job is equally important.  If the supervisor concentrates only on certain areas such as citations or report writing, the officer may feel that he or she must concentrate heavily in those two areas and neglect the others. Police managers can also evaluate their officers by how well they solve problems in the community and not the amount of arrests. An arrest is not always the solution to every problem.

Peak, Kenneth J., Larry K. Gaines and Ronald Glensor. (2010) Police Supervision and Management for Ashford University, 3rd Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions. VitalBook file.

just need to tell the good and bad of the individuals post  list references thanks


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