please answer to its entirety and include details or equation if sufficient

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Consider the experiment of drawing two cards from a deck in which all picture cards have been removed and adding their values (with ace = 1). 

 a.  Describe the outcomes of this experiment. List the elements of the sample space. 

 b.  What is the probability of obtaining a total of 5 for the two cards? 

 c.  Let  A be the event “total card value is 5 or less.” Find  P(A) and  P(Ac). 

 An airline tracks data on its flight arrivals. Over the past six months, 25 flights on one route arrived early, 150 arrived on time, 45 were late, and 30 were cancelled. 

 a.  What is the probability that a flight is early? On time? Late? Cancelled? 

 b.  Are these outcomes mutually exclusive? 

 c.  What is the probability that a flight is either early or on time? 


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