earth sciences questions 2

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Considering the albedo of various surfaces, how
might temperatures differ between urban and rural areas? Which setting tends to
be warmer on a given day and why? Also, are there any factors other than albedo
that might affect the temperature differences between the two settings?

On a given day in the winter in St. Louis,
Missouri it began snowing in the morning. The snow changed to rain by noon,
later in the afternoon sleet was falling which turned to snow, and by evening
rain was freezing on bridges and roadways. Explain how such a sequence of
precipitation might occur.

The sun is furthest from the Earth during the
Northern Hemisphere’s summer, and yet, of course, it is summer time at that
point. Explain how it is still warmer in the summer when the Earth is furthest
from the sun and then detail what would be different if it were the other way
around. This is important to understand since, by the way, the Earth does
oscillate between closer/further during Northern Hemisphere summer.

Many people confuse the large void in the ozone
layer with global warming. Can you distinguish between the two phenomena?
Explain how each process may harm living things.

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