Careers page for your favorite company

Find a job description of a position that interests you. It could be a management role or entry level position but must be related to the tourism industry. You might want to visit,, or a careers page for your favourite company.
Part One
Write a 350-word analysis of the job description, examining both the strengths and weaknesses in detail. Some guiding questions for your analysis include:
• What surprised you about the job specifications – the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to do the role? • Do you agree or disagree with what is required? • What suggestions do you have to improve upon the job description? o Name at least one based on your readings in Ch. 4. • Is the job description legally defensible? o IE: Does the job description ask for any unjustifiably high requirements? o Are all specifications bonafied occupational requirements (BFOR)? • Does the job description or specifications speak to the organizational culture or job enrichment? • Do you have the required competencies for this role? If not, what do you need to do to gain the experience?
Pan Two:
Now imagine you are in an interview for the job you analyzed. Write four interview questions you think might be asked (or you believe should be asked). Don’t just write generic questions, link them to the job description and position requirements.