Case Presentation Study

The focus this week was a women’s health case study presentation a 33 y.o. G1 P1001 who presents for a postpartum visit. She is 6 weeks postpartum following a spontaneous vaginal delivery. The delivery was at 39 gestational weeks and 1 day. The prenatal and intrapartum course have been reviewed. Complications include history of HSV, alopecia, history of CIN 3 in 2015, labor augmentation after ineffective contractions.  Patient received misoprostol postpartum for passing blood clots.  EBL 400 mL.   Anesthesia: epidural. Postpartum course has been uneventful. Baby’s course has been uneventful. Baby is feeding by breast. Bleeding-no bleeding. Bowel function is normal. Bladder function is normal. Patient is not sexually active. Contraception method is abstinence. Postpartum depression screening: negative. Patient reporting chills and fever of 100.1 at home yesterday. She felt lump in left breast. She put warm compresses on it and pumped her breast. She reports having night sweats last night. A.C. was diagnosed with acute mastitis of left breast.