case review – performace managment

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The format of the paper has to be in business bullet formatting. Attached below is an example of the formatting 

Also attached is the short case you will need to read for the assignment. 

While the case involves a Nursing Home, this could also apply to a Residential Treatment Center where patients stay for a long time e.g., Mental Health, Chronic Drug Use, etc.  The text solutions and questions are aimed at using a Team approach as the solution to 3 stated problems.  That is NOT my focus in this assignment, but I have no problem if it is a part of your solution(s) to the stated problems, which are:

(1) “Instances of communication breakdown among staff”;

(2) “several instances of medication errors”; and

(3) “Problems concern contract staff not included in the performance management process” 

Assess the Case Study with respect to the 3 Problems specified above:

The HR director took 3 actions – Discuss the adequacy or inadequacy of the HR response in resolving the 3 problems. 

Does the rating system used or any modifications to it directly address the 3 problems?  If “Yes,” state how and if “No” why not?

How would you address the 3 problems directly? [Solutions to problems #1 & #2 should be specific to Ful, Part-Time and Contract staff.

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