Case Study: Leadership Assessment at Robinson Insurance Agency

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Todd Robinson, president of Robinson Insurance Agency, couldn’t be
happier. The company that Todd’s father, Edger, started thirty years ago
is prospering and poised for future growth. Over the past three years,
Robinson Insurance has successfully purchased two regional insurance
agencies whose owners were ready for retirement. The acquisitions went
smoothly, and the firms merged under Todd’s capable leadership. The
company now has 13 branch offices, in five different cities, in the
greater Portland metropolitan area. The headquarters office—the site of
the original Robinson Insurance Agency office—is located in the bustling
downtown district in Portland, Oregon.

At 56 years old, Todd
Robinson has earned a reputation for being a savvy businessman and a
successful entrepreneur. He hopes to acquire at least one other small
agency in the next year—a move that will expand the company by two
additional branch offices in suburban Portland neighborhoods. However,
managing the company is beginning to consume more and more of Todd’s
time and energy—time he would like to spend with his family. Todd
realizes that he needs to identify potential middle and senior
management leaders within the company who can be trained to play a
larger role in both day-to-day and strategic decisions.

knows that selecting individuals to fill future leadership positions
will be extremely critical to the long-term success of the company. He
wants to ensure that the individuals who are identified for growth
opportunities have the knowledge, skills and abilities to move into new
middle and senior leadership positions as these positions are created.
He also wants to ensure that the new leaders will possess and exemplify
the “Client First” philosophy that characterizes the company. Frankly,
he has concerns that some current managers—especially those from the
agencies purchased by Robinson Insurance—may not fully share the
company’s values and may only give “lip service” to the company’s
customer-oriented values and practices. However, with 13 branch offices,
Todd isn’t as familiar with each manger’s potential as he would like to

Thus, Todd has retained your services to help plan an
assessment-based professional development program. The goal of the
program is to identify people within the company who have the potential
for greater levels of responsibility and authority, and then to invest
in these individuals by providing training and other professional growth
opportunities. Todd also wants help creating a succession plan to
position the company for long-term success, even after he retires in
five to eight years.

In a paper of at least 1600 – 1750 words
(or 6-7 pages) in length (excluding title, abstract and reference
pages), describe a comprehensive assessment plan for the company,
including a sound defense of the feasibility of the plan, to meet the
company’s leadership development objectives. In your paper, address the

  1. Discuss the key factors for identifying leadership potential.
  2. Identify an assessment-based approach for identifying potential
    among the managers at Robinson Insurance Agency. Describe how assessment
    processes and assessment instruments can be used to identify potential
    leaders and their leadership development needs.
  3. Include in your assessment approach at least three specific assessment instruments to evaluate leadership potential, justifying the use of each assessment instrument for its intended purpose.
  4. Identify the outcomes, data or information produced by each
    assessment you propose in your plan, and review the considerations for
    facilitating feedback from each type of assessment.
  5. Provide details of practical considerations of your plan, such as
    who will implement which parts of the assessment plan (an insider, an
    outsider, or a combination of both), what type of certification may be
    necessary to administer each assessment, and how the managers within
    Robinson Insurance will be consulted and involved in the assessment
  6. Identify the potential legal ramifications that may arise if
    Robinson Insurance Agency implements an assessment-based approach to
    identifying potential. Discuss ways of ensuring that the approach you
    recommend for the company is legal and justifiable.

You do NOT have to create a training and development plan for the
identified future leaders; you only need to detail the assessment
component of the plan and describe how the assessment information might
be used to design the development activities.

In addition to
your Scott and Reynolds (2010) textbook, the assigned articles for the
course, and any Internet sources you reference to gather information
about the assessments you have chosen, reference at least five additional scholarly sources (academic journal articles) to support your plan.

Please use the APA template format.

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