Case study week 5.

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Human development is a branch of psychology with the goal of understanding people — how they develop, grow, and change throughout their lives. This discipline, which can help individuals better understand themselves and their relationships, is broad. As such, it can be used in various professional settings and career paths.

If human development is the study of how people change throughout their lives, how and when does this development happen? Many scientists and psychologists have studied various aspects of human development, including ego psychologist Erik Erikson. He examined the impact of social experiences throughout an individual’s life and theorized that psychosocial development happens in eight sequential parts. What are the eight stages of human development?

Using Eriksons 8 stages of Psychosocial Development

Please create a chart summary which includes the following:

1. Stage

2, Age range

3. Basic conflict (Psychological crisis)

4. Important events

5. Generalized summary

Please submit the exercise in a table format.

Please use at least 2 in text citations and references.

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