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You will submit a project related to the education of your case study ESOL K-2 student. The case study student is an ESOL child. Once you have secured the family for your project, explain to the parents/guardians the purpose of your project. You must obtain the letter of recommendation provided signed by the parents/guardians of the child. The professor will have a meeting via Zoom to discuss this project.

You will need some equipment for this project, namely a way to audio-digitally record a student if you are able to work with an ESOL child directly, as well as a scanner.

Please use the following template for assembling your project.

Template for the case study

1.Your Name:

2.Introduction: Give a brief description of this project and why it might be important.

3.Road map: Tell readers what they will see in this paper. Use subheadings to guide this paragraph.

4.The case study student:

      • Introduce the child. Whether you will be working with an ESOL child or you will be observing ESOL children in videos provided to you by your professor, be sure to use a pseudonym for the child.
      • Give a description of the student and the student’s learning environment.

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