CGTC Google Data Story Questions

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Using Tableau, you will create a “Data Story” that uses maps and charts — some interactive, some not — to explain the results of your data analysis and anticipates the user’s questions about your data. This is where you get to write and present your narrative along with your data analysis results. Be sure to review the tutorials about creating Tableau dashboards and story points before/after reading through the information in this page. Your final project is to create a Tableau Data Story using the Tableau feature to create data stories. But the content of it will be the charts and dashboard you created for the past assignments.

Your Data Story should:

Include at least three “Story Points” (and no more than 5) that tell a data

story in sequence using Tableau’s built-in navigation bar.

Each Story Point should include at least one chart or map, but can also

include other elements such as images and text.

Your Data Story should include at least one unique Dashboard.

Multiple Story Points can use the same Dashboard if you want to use Filters or Highlighters to focus on different elements of your data (i.e. highlight different locations on a map, show a breakdown for different categories).

The charts in your Data Story can include those from previous assignments.

If so, make sure you incorporate any feedback you received — from the

instructor and your fellow students — about how to make those charts


At least one Story Point should include a map or chart that can be altered

by the user using a Filter (interactivity). In situations where the user can

choose from many different options, consider using preset filters to draw

the user’s attention to the most interesting patterns in your data.

The dimensions of the Data Story should be no larger than 1000 x 800

pixels (the default for “Desktop Browser”), but can be smaller if you wish.

NOTE: The default “Story” dimensions (1016 x 964) are larger than this but

Assignment 2 Discussion: Then, revisit your design choices made when creating your two charts for Unit 4 assignment. Check how your visualizations align with your story as well (review the lead and elevator pitch). Revise your work as needed and post your revised work, including two charts, a lead, and an elevator pitch. Have your work included in your post rather than having it as an attachment. The choice of visual such as color, size, and chart type, relative ordering of data, alignment and positioning of elements, and use of words can be discussed in several cases also.

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