Chapter 5 Activity – ADA and Child Care Settings

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Session: Resources and Relationships Participant Guide

The ADA and Child Care Settings

Read the following statements and indicate by marking “T” for true if you believe the
statement is true and “F” for false if you believe the statement to be false.

__ 1. Private child care centers that operate in a church setting are not required to comply
with Title Ill of the ADA. (Question 2)

__ 2. Child care centers may exclude a child with a disability from their setting if the child
poses a direct threat to the safety of other children. (Question 8)

__ 3. Child care directors may exclude a child from their setting if they believe the that they
cannot meet the child’s needs based on their disability. (Question 3 & 4)

__ 4. Child care centers who have a no diapering policy can exclude children with disabilities
who are wearing diapers from their setting. (Questions 15 & 16)

__ 5. An older child with delayed speech can be placed in a room with younger children.
(Question 12)

__ 6. A child with mental retardation must be ineluded in all center activities. (Question 18)

__ 7. When child care settings make renovations to their building they must comply with the
ADA guidelines. (Question 3)

__ 8. Child care centers that have a waiting list must accept children with disabilities ahead of
non-disabled children. (Question 6)

__ 9. Child care centers that have a no medication policy must administer medication to
children with disabilities if they require the medication in order to participate in the program.
(Question 14)

__ 10. Child care centers must make reasonable accommodations for parents who have
disabilities. {Question 10)

(From U.S. l)(zpartment of Justice Civil Rights Division Disability Rights Stzction .htm)

Philadelphia Inclusion Network a program of
Child and Family Studies Research Programs at
Thomas Jefferson University Resources – 13

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