my term paper for my chemistry for every day life is . The paper is worth 30 percent of my class.

the paper should be 1000 words in length. in this term paper my professor is looking for something scientifically “interesting” something that is important to our own body chemistry or everyday life chemistry” chemistry and science vocabulary should be used in the paper” . this paper is a scientific paper and it should be in MLA style format for the paper and the references as well. grading will include grammatical errors so please make sure of the grammar mistakes the reference has to be scholarly academic proven sources. plagiarism free please!

the topics I have in mind and were proven by the professor are:

1- active and addictive ingredients in cigarette and its health impact on the human body.

2- if caffeine is addictive or not and the other health concerns that come from caffeine.

3- chemical compound and its critical effect to the human sexual drive for example testosterone.


you have to pick one of the topics above, my own preference is the 3rd one, I think its interesting what do you think?