child care facility

Instruction INSTRUCTIONS This graded assignment requires you to imagine yourself in the position of director of a center-based child care facility; as director, you’re hiring and training a new staff member to work independently in the center’s kitchen area. In the rst part of your Menu Project, you’ll research, summarize, and share important guidelines about food safety, including sanitation requirements, food storage, preparation, proper food handling, and presentations that make food appealing for children. In the second part of your assignment, you’ll create a one-week menu, including snacks, for a selected age group following the food guide now known as “Choose My Plate.” We’ve included images of the traditional food pyramid and the new “Choose My Plate” plan for you to use as a reference, but you may wish to refer to the website for more detailed information. Part 1: Essay: Orientation Letter Food safety sanitation requirements, storage, preparation, proper food handling, and presentation are the rst steps in ensuring proper diet and nutrition for a child’s health and welfare. As the imagined administrator of your child care center, you believe the new employee you’ve hired to work unsupervised in your center’s 1 Graded Project Graded Project kitchen is experienced, knowledgeable, and already understands most guidelines regarding these ve topics. However, on the new employee’s rst morning of work at your center, you’re alarmed to discover the new employee doesn’t correctly understand best practices, rules, regulations, and guidelines well enough to work alone and unsupervised in the center’s kitchen area for an entire day. You decide to write an Orientation Letter to your new employee, and, in it, you will summarize at least twenty (20) of the most important rules, regulations, and guidelines you expect them to meticulously follow as they work in the kitchen.