Child Development lesson

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Child Development lesson

Challenging Behaviors: Clean-Up Time Scenario 


This activity will demonstrate your ability to identify and implement strategies to prevent and/or address children’s challenging behaviors.  


It is free time and children are in different centers throughout the classroom.  There are 18 children present and 2 teachers.  Robert who is 4 years 2 months is in the block area and building with his friend Tyron.  Teacher announces that it is time for cleanup.  Robert and Tyron keep playing in block area.  Teacher speaks directly to them and says,” Boys time to clean up”.  Some children in classroom are putting materials away while others continue to play.  3 minutes go by and teacher comes by the block area again and says, “Robert and Tyron, pick up the blocks.  I already told you it is clean up time.”  She walks away to the dramatic play area to let children know it is clean up.  10 minutes have gone by and the areas are still not cleaned up.  Teacher walks over to the lights and switches off the lights.  “Is this how we clean up?  I have given you 2 warnings that it is clean up time.  Put away the toys, now”.    Robert and Tyron leave block area and go sit down for group time without putting away the blocks.  At the end of the day when Robert’s Mom came to pick him up the teacher remarked, “Robert didn’t follow instructions today.  He needs to work on putting away the toys he plays with because today he didn’t put away the blocks. You really need to work with him” 

In your answer you will analyze the situation and respond to the prompts. 

Analysis of behavior scenario

What are the perspectives of each person involved in the scenario?

oChild (ren) why do you think child is exhibiting this behavior?

oTeacher: expectations and attitude

oOthers involved

oFamily: expectations 

Other factors to consider and how they may impact behavior?

oPhysical Environment

oCultural influences

oDevelopment of child/ren

What will you do?   

Teacher goals:   What do you want to achieve? short term goals/ long term goals

Pro-active:  What proactive steps can teacher take before behavior escalates?

Strategies:  What will you try? Why?

Specific positive statements to child (ren):  State specifically what you will say to the child/ren.  Reflect in your answer how you will support children’s socio-emotional development and acknowledge their feelings.  Use quotes.

Support your response to this Behavior Scenario. 

What is your rationale for your response? How does your response relate to best teaching practices (DAP)? Research? Guidance/Discipline policies? CLASS-Behavior Management Dimension and behavior markers?

CLASS Behavior Markers

oClear Behavior Expectations, consistency, clarity of rules

oProactive-Anticipates problem behavior or escalation, Low reactivity, Monitors

oRedirection of Misbehavior-Effective reduction of misbehavior, attention to positive, uses subtle cues to redirect

What questions do you still have?

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