Your Personal Developmental Paper MUST contain entries in all of the following areas:

  • Ecological Systems – Bronfenbrenner – The role of culture, ethnicity, and SES played in your development
  • Prenatal development
  • Example of physical development – example of a challenge to normal growth and development
  • Temperament
  • Examples of “discipline” techniques – an example of parenting styles
  • Example of psychosocial theory (Erikson) ‐ two stages
  • Example of learning theory‐ the school years
  • Example of Piaget’s Theory‐ pre‐school, school-age or adolescence
  • Example of Information‐Processing Theory‐ any stage
  • Example of Vygotskian Theory‐ cultural & apprenticeship roles and cognitive competencies ‐ any stage

Students should:

  1. First, explain the theory and how it applies to your life and an interpretation or evaluation of how that theory “fits” within your life.
  2. Describe a personal experience illustrating the particular theoretical concept.
  3. Review life experiences, generic and other biological characteristics related to psychological processing.