Choose 2 stories in a scholarly news outlet you have chosen, which illustrate an aspect of this relationship that you find instructive or illuminating. Are there particular policies outlined in the articles? Do the stories tell you something about the way

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  MLA Format, no plagiarism, 2-3 pages, please be careful with the word choice because I’m an intl student. 

Paper Topic: Many scholars study the relationship between citizens and the state, this theme is especially pertinent for students of Asian politics given the nature of the relationship between the state and society in India, China and Japan.


Your paper should include a full page describing an online news source that you have accessed in order to complete the assignment. This page should answer the following questions: Where is the paper published? When was it founded? Who owns it? Is it identified with a political party/line (liberal, conservative, socialist or other)?  Is this a reliable source of information, why or why not?

The items you choose to report on should be political in nature, meaning the connection to politics should be clear and direct. Avoid news that reports on what is going on in the U.S. or covers American political debates. For example, if a Japanese newspaper covers the debate in Washington over the invasion of Iraq, do not include this item in your report. But this issue becomes appropriate for inclusion in the report if a Japanese newspaper covers the debate in Japan about the wisdom of an American attack. 

Guidelines: Your paper should be 2-3 pages long, NO LONGER THAN THREE PAGES (including the page of website evaluation), typed and double spaced in Times New Roman font with margins no larger than 1 inch all around on 8 X 11 ½ inch paper. 

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