choose between 3 linux projects posted and write a 5 to 7 page report might need revisions of assignment because its a rough draft

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Linux Implementation Proposal

The final submission should contain at least 5 to 7 pages’ worth of text written by the student (not counting title page, images, diagrams, tables, or quotations that may be used). It must be double-spaced, have 1-inch margins, and use 12-point Times New Roman or 10-point Arial/Helvetica font. A title page is required.

  • Research and justify whether LSDG will use existing computer hardware that is being used with the Windows XP systems, or if new hardware will be required.
  • Plan for migration from Windows XP to Linux.
  • Determine the hardware to be used and the installation options.
  • How will users log onto the systems? Explain.
  • How will systems receive IP addresses? Explain.
  • How will DNS be accessed by the LSDG systems? Explain.
  • Explain how files on the network may be accessed by LSDG.
  • Explain how LSDG can securely share files within their group and other selected groups/users in the company.
  • How will printing be handled? Explain.
  • What, if any, data will be encrypted? Explain.


Virtual Install Project Format and Content Instructions

Audience: Write your document for a team of implementers who need to retrace your steps.
2. Available resources. Oracle’s virtualbox software is one free hypervisor you can install, but there are others. You are expected to research and install on your own. Then, in your document summarize a few key distinctions between the applications you found.
3. How to write this document. Write in the third person… Each sentence you write is a statement of fact. “This plan describes an implementation procedure for ….” Not, “I am presenting this plan for your approval.” There will never be a sentence with “I” or “we”; it’s “a team has been formed to….”.
4. How to format this document.
a. APA cover page
b. Executive Summary. It should begin with “This document describes …deployment of a virtual host… on…”. A senior exec could choose to not read beyond the executive summary if they understand that:
i. The project is well managed
ii. The project security considerations are solid.

iii. Risks are understood and mitigated
iv. No schedule impact or other resources needed
c. Security Planning. Browse through NIST SP800-125 and reference appropriate sections. Just a few sentences is adequate.
d. Technical Details. Screen captures are great here, but don’t go crazy.
i. Computer Host specs (brief). This is the computer you installed the virtual machine on.
ii. Virtual software options, highlights.
iii. Virtual software install procedure.
iv. Linux OS install procedure.
v. Linux administration procedures. Cite a good reference here. As a minimum include these:
1. User password policy.
2. IP Address assignment.
3. DNS.
4. Clock.
5. Disk utility.
e. Observations.
i. Your thoughts…
ii. Capabilities and limitations of a VM…

iii. How you will apply what you’ve learned…
f. Recommendations for Further Research.
g. Conclusions.


Format and Content Instructions for Linux Implementation Proposal

1. What this assignment is: it is an implementation plan that you create. You are the team lead and you are writing a plan to your corporate staff, the ones who funded this project and told you to get rid of XP.
2. How to write this plan. Your academic writing experience will not tell you how to organize a document like this, so I will help you.
a. Each sentence you write is a statement of fact. “This plan describes an implementation procedure for ….” Not, “I am presenting this plan for your approval.” There will never be a sentence with “I” or “we”; it’s “a team has been formed to….”.
b. Audience: there are 2 significant stakeholders that you need to consider for this task:
i. The management: they hired you to solve a problem for their business operations. Show confidence, or conversely raise the red flag that the job has risk, then state the risk and your recommendation. Assume you have a budget; it has not been set for you. Pick whatever number you want.

ii. The departments: they run their current XP applications, like MS Office and accounting software and maybe graphics and others. Use your imagination, you can even fictionalize the name of the software, just pin it to a department. You are taking away their software to run something else on linux. Have a little empathy for them. This means that if they are part of the evaluation and selection process. State this right out front, even in the Executive Summary.
3. How to organize this document. This is what your corporate staff wants from you:
a. Executive Summary. Start with “This document describes an implementation plan to replace …XP machines…”
b. Project Schedule (include a GANTT chart)
c. Budget
d. Technical Details
i. Hardware – do not use the minimum hardware spec’d for linux; you can summarize the old specs in one sentence and then use a table to state your new CPU/RAM/Disk/monitors/video cards.

Your spec’d out new hardware should scale and support your organization for several years.
ii. Software. Specifically mention linux replacement software for Microsoft; example: LibreOffice
e. Risk Management (NIST SP800-53 and SP800-37 are good for a few sentences)
f. Security
g. Testing and Acceptance Criteria
h. Fallback Plan
i. Conclusion- your conclusion should almost restate the exec summary.
4. The rubric. It’s right there as a pop-up window on the same page as this document and the assignment. I grade to this rubric. Key points:
a. The most points are in the coverage of the plan, the hardware and the security measures. You absolutely, cannot accept the minimums that will run the OS and nothing else.
b. For security, make some references to NIST SP800-53
c. Mechanics cited there in the rubric. You know what to do. Read them one more time; you’ll need in-line citations, properly formatted.
d. The list of technical items in the Implementation Proposal document (user log on, IP addresses, DNS, accessing files,…) can be mentioned briefing in a bullet list to satisfy the rubric, no need in your proposal to

go into detail or provide command line examples.
5. Content.
a. Use just one sentence to say that management has funded the replacement of XP. There is no need to ramble on about why; we all get it.
b. Add a GANTT schedule (look it up if you don’t know what this is). c. You have to contribute details about the migration task. This means that you have to use your own imagination. Do not just echo back the assignment, you will receive a very low score for your proposal if you do this.
d. Consider how you will stage the migration of hardware and data. Staging means creating an installation template and making it reproducible.
e. Consider a fallback plan. Here’s a good idea….. keep a stand-alone XP box in each department that they can sneakernet (look it up) their files.
f. The hardware specs given to you in the Proposal document are misleading. Specify processors, RAM, disks and monitors that will run your applications. Trying to save $$ makes not one bit of sense. Scale your operations for several years out from now. If you echo the minimum specs given to you, you will not receive a passing score. We’re talking RAM, disk, CPU cores, some I/O and decent size monitor with a video card to drive it.

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