Christianity events

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What type of events was encountered by Christians?

Rel 115 Final Exam Part 2

Choose 2 questions below and write a short essay (5 sentences or so) in response to each. Be

sure to indicate which essay you are answering (e.g. “Short Essay 1”). Some examples or

reference to our course readings is needed.

1. Explain the Christian understanding of God as a good creator with a world fallen into sin
and chaos.

2. Explain the call of Abraham and the nature of the tripartite covenant which God made
with him.

3. Explain how the Old Testament portrays God’s care and concern for Gentiles.

4. Explain the importance of and differences between the genealogies of Jesus as presented
in Matthew and John.

5. Explain the role of the Temple in Jewish practice making reference to our readings from 1


6. Explain how the early Church continues the ministry of Jesus as presented in the New

7. Explain the issues associated with the Judaizers in the early Church, especially as seen in
the letter to the Galatians.

8. Explain how Verbum Domini understands the relationship between Scripture and culture.

Write a long essay (three paragraphs or more) in response to one of the following questions.

Be sure to indicate which essay you are answering (e.g. “Long Essay B”). 25pts

1. Explain how Christianity understands the death and resurrection of Jesus to be at the heart

of the Gospel message. Identify and explain important elements from the Gospels about

these events. Identify and explain important elements of the Old Testament which are

related to these events.

2. Explain the importance of the Exodus event in Jewish history. Explain how Christianity
views the Exodus as symbolic for the liberation which Jesus can bring to all human

3. Explain how the teachings and miracles of Jesus together give clarity about the nature of
His ministry. Explain why the Church’s understanding that Jesus is both fully God and
fully man makes His life, death, and resurrection unique.

4. Explain how Christianity sees continuity in God’s act of creation, covenant with the
Jewish people, Incarnation, and establishment of the Church.

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