Cinematography and To a Lesser Extent Mise en Scene in Mirror Discussion

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Answer one of the prompts below regarding the use of Cinematography (and to a lesser extent, mise-en-scene) in Mirror. Your response should be between 300-500 words and should include minimal plot summary. Assume that your reader has seen the film but please do set up specific scenes with a sentence or two if you plan on discussing them in depth. It’s often helpful to focus on a specific scene or shot for careful detailed analysis as a means of supporting a larger claim. Please be sure to proofread, use specific terms from lectures/readings when relevant, and review the included rubric!

You are required to use 2 terms from the cinematography lectures, and 1 term from the mise-en-scene lectures.

Some questions to help guide your thought process are below:

1. How does the film’s cinematography position us within the film’s series of vignettes? How do angles and distances work to have us identify with a particular character or perspective?

2. What does the film’s cinematography, perhaps its use of mobile framing in particular, contribute to the film’s overall mood or tone?

3. How does the cinematography work in tandem with the mise-en-scene to advance the film’s themes? What does the formal construction of the film suggest about how we relate to concepts of home, of childhood, of relationships, and of nostalgia?

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