Clinical Diagnostics Technique

HMCL 223 Clinical Diagnostics Technique Coursework Help


THE ASSIGNMENT PDF GUIDELINES STATES ALL REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS ASSESSMENT. AS I have to choose two case studies from weeks 1-12 I have chosen two cases and have attached to This file alongside with lecture notes for additional reading. Please dismiss first page of case study as they are just tutorial questions. Only use the case studies, Write Around 1,250 words each case study. This is a diagnostics subject so its all about in depth reading of pathology reports etc and needs to be 100% written correctly in regards to the case.

I have also attached the referral letter which needs to be filled as its ones of the questions.

Please follow questions on assignment pdf and marking rubric

1. You are required to formally analyse 2 of the cases you have done in two separate class Tutorials from Sessions 1-12. Each of these cases will need to address the following.

o Briefly describe the predisposing (reasons for succumbing to ill health) and sustaining reasons (why the body has not been able to return to good health) of each condition in the case from what has been provided. Please note: explore the whole case and not just one illness. Remember that ‘holistic’ means that our health interpretation takes into consideration all key facets of the client’s health history, not just the presenting one or the one with a diagnosed name.

o This interpretation will include comments on relevant pathology tests presented which support your discussion of predisposing and sustaining reasons. Note: You do not need to discuss all of the presented pathology tests in the case.

o Consider the results of these tests and comment if they are in range or out of range. For those that are in range, you need to identify if these results are optimal or sub-optimal based on the client’s case presentation.

2. After analysing the findings outline 1 (one) further investigation that is required to support your interpretation of the case.

o Consider one further investigation that would be relevant. You will have to discuss the relevance in the context of the case, using specific symptoms to support your answer. Note: The additional investigation does not need to come form the respective Session the Case study appeared in but can be drawn from investigations discussed in Sessions 1-12.  HMCL 223 Clinical Diagnostics Technique Coursework Help

o For this investigation generate relevant client instructions for this test to prepare for this diagnostic procedure.

o Identify a pathology lab provider for this test & outlin******** cost ********ch test including any del******** cost********pply an electronic link to the laboratory homepage which contain the details of the test.

o Prepare a client referral letter to a GP for this test. This letter needs to outline the client symptoms that directly relate to the referral and your suggested investigation.

There is a template referral letter in the Assessments Tab.
NOTE: The referral letter is not included in the Word Count. Submit as a seperate attachment.

3. Outline the expected results of this test and explain how you will utilize the results from this diagnostic procedure to reinterpret the case.

o Outlinethepossibleresultsfromthisinvestigation
o Provide an explanation of the biochemical/ hormonal/ pathological/ naturopathic diagnostic
points will need to be considered with the possible results of this investigation.

plan (you are not required to describe a treatment plan)
4. Conclude with a statement on level of practitioner need for these results versus client time ******** cost ********mplete this request.
o You will need to discuss the clinical need for this prioritised investigation as the results are significant to future case management. v******** cost ******** time to the client and / or the findings of the investigation do not aid case management enough to justify usage.  HMCL 223 Clinical Diagnostics Technique Coursework Help