COH 606 NU Low Carb Program for Diabetes Management Presentation

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Article Presentation and Discussion

Find a peer-reviewed article that uses epidemiological methods to examine a health-related issue, and present it to the class. Make sure to cover the following points:

  1. Background: what is the existing problem and why is it an important issue to study?
  2. What were the objectives of the study? This may include hypotheses, if stated.
  3. What is the population about which the authors are seeking to generalize their findings?
  4. What type of study is this? Example: cohort, case-control, cross-sectional, clinical trial….
  5. Describe the study sample:
    1. Sample size (did they perform power or sample size calculations?
    2. Recruiting strategies
    3. Inclusion criteria
    4. Exclusion criteria
    5. Randomization (if applicable)
    6. If there was a control group, was it comparable to the case (or intervention) group on demographic variables? Describe any variables that were different between the groups.
  6. What types of statistical analyses did they perform?
  7. Results: univariate (without controlling for confounders) and multivariate (controlling for potential confounders).
  8. Conclusions: What did the authors conclude?
  9. Do you agree with their conclusions?
  10. What types of bias did you observe in this study? How might their methods have either exaggerated or understated their findings?
  11. Was there anything that they did not consider which may have impacted their findings?
  12. Were their findings applicable to the population that they are concerned about? If not, why not?
  13. What would be the ideal study design for their hypothesis?

The presentation should be recorded via one of the following tools:



Then you should upload your video to YouTube:

Watch VideoUpload to YouTube

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