Columbus State Community College All the Presidents Men Book Report

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The following must be included in your review:

  • Place the essential information about the book at the beginning of your paper; include: title, author, first copyright date, publisher and price.
  • Theme: what is the book about?What is the main topic or subject of the book?What historical event(s) are being used as a backdrop for this book?Give a brief background discussion on the historical aspects that surround the book’s theme.
  • Background on the Author: include a short biography of the author.What is their connection to this subject matter?Is it personal?Professional?
  • Point of View and Style of Writing: from what point of view is the book written?Is it first person, as in a memoir?Is it third person, either as a fictional or non-fictional narrator? Is the author’s style formal or informal?Is the writing original, clear, fluid?Does it help with a reader’s understanding of the subject or does it detract from it?
  • Format: Are there illustrations, maps, tables, graphs, etc.?Do they hinder or aid in understanding the material?
  • Examples: Use quotations and specific references to passages when illustrating a point about the book. Examples should be interspersed throughout the review as you discuss all the required sections.
  • Your personal response: how did the book affect you?Did it change or reinforce any previous ideas you had on the subject matter?Does it relate to you in a personal way due to your personal or professional experiences?
  • Respond to the author’s opinions: what do you agree or disagree with and why?Are the author’s arguments convincing?Did the author omit information or leave a matter unresolved?Did the author have a bias that was apparent?
  • Evaluate the book for the following concepts: its accuracy regarding the subject matter, its importance to the genre of historical fiction/non-fiction, its interest level to a general audience of readers. What is the significance of this historical subject matter?What are the connections to be drawn between the subject matter and current historical/political experiences?What is its relevance to, and how can it be applied to our knowledge of current times?
  • Research and Respond to other reviews of the book. (Use a variety of sources for this: Amazon; Barnes and Noble; online publications of professional reviews.) What similarities/differences did other readers (both professional and recreational reader) note, which shared/differed from your experience with the book?Does there appear to be a consensus on readers’ critiques and evaluations or do they vary?

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