COM340 Module 8 Discussion (May 2019)

COM 340 Intro to Internet Applications

Module 8 Discussion

Core Value

Carry out the following steps (1-8) below for the initial posting on the Discussion Board:

Read about the core value of integrity described in the course syllabus or the Saint Leo University’s website. This is one of the six core values of the university.

Research an article related to the content of this course (e.g., software production, software piracy – illegal use of copying and/or distribution of software, data security).

Write a brief report containing a minimum of 250 words, describing the content of the article, issues raised, your opinion of the issues (agree or disagree and why), and recommendation/s (if any).

Post the report in the discussion section of this module. Include the source of the article using the APA format.

Your report must be grammatically correct with correct spellings, otherwise you will be penalized for those errors.

Wikipedia is not considered as valid source of reference.

Duplicate articles are not acceptable; please check before posting the report if any of your peers has already used that article. Date and time of posting will be used as a proof of your posting.

Make sure to place the title of the article or a short description as the title of your thread.