COMM 1380 Conestoga College Canada Workplace Structure Outline

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Task: Outline Assignment

Due Date: See Instructional Plan
Value of Assignment: 5% of the final grade
Submission Instructions: Submit your work as a .doc/.docx or .pdf file to the assignment submission folder. Arrow over to the next page to access the submission folder. 


This assignment will give you an opportunity to organize and complete your ongoing outline. All information contained in your outline will be used to write your informal research report.

Learning Outcomes:

3.5 Create short business documents using an appropriate format and strategy following a 3-step process (collect, organize, and revise)

3.6 Revise business documents based on instructor feedback

5.4 Correctly document research using the assigned format



Click on the Discussion Board link to access your shared ongoing outline

Finish your notes

Include all information from your secondary sources

Include citations & references to document your sources

Refer to the APA@conestoga website for formatting guides & templates

Finalize your Outline for Review

Open your ongoing outline document

Format your document to meet APA guidelines

Create an APA title page

Insert a page at the end of your document for References

Create a title in bold font for the last page: References

Identify main ideas in the body details

  1. Move main ideas to create sections or categories of information

Create descriptive headings to label these sections or categories

  1. Proofread your citations & references for formatting errors
  2. Transfer your references to the last page
  3. Tips
  4. Keep in mind the importance of audience & purpose. 

Maintain a workplace structure:

Do you have a clear opening statement that focuses on purpose?

Is your body organized into categories? 

Do you include both functional & descriptive headings?

  1. Do you have a closing statement that summarizes your main points?
  2. Do you include all information from your sources?

Do you include citations and references to properly document those sources?

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