COMM202 and CMIS111 Week 5 discussion replies

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COMM 202

1.) Jaylen Spence   

Orbit Gum Lint Licker Commercial Best Version – YouTube

I don’t have a favorite ad; I actually spend extra on streaming services just so i do not have to view them at all. This ad in particular I remember from years ago from Orbit Gum. I wouldn’t say that it persuaded me to buy the gum, but it definitely captured my attention and if i can still remember it this many years late I would say others did as well making it a successful ad.

With New Kaepernick Ad, What Does Nike Believe In? (

“Believe in Something”Nike (2018)

This campaign ad I hate to use as “ineffective.” This ad was amazing depending on the views of the individual person but in the eyes of others the movement and support behind Kaepernick was disrespectful to the country. With Nike deciding to stand their ground on supporting Colin they dropped a percentage in stock which was more than likely the worst part. Outside of that people burned their Nike gear in protest but that’s after they paid for it so was it really a loss? So, this could be seen as an ineffective ad but in my opinion, it was an iconic stand Nike took that I agree with.


H&M monkey hoodie sparks outrage for “racist” image – CBS News

H&M had one of the biggest PR nightmares in the recent years when they launched new clothing that featured a young African American boy wearing a hoodie that read “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.” This enraged people all over the world to this act of racism be so blatant. My exact thought was with all the pre checks that go into the release of a product how could not a single person question how that could’ve been received. Very ineffective ad.

2.) Luke Young 

A) Post a link to one of your favorite advertisements and in short essay format, answer the following questions:  Does it persuade you? How? Why do you like it? Is there anything problematic about the ad? Also include a link to an ineffective ad, providing evidence that the ad campaign failed (cite your source in proper APA format). In your summary, explain (in your opinion) why one ad succeeds and the other fails. 

Part A.1 

One of my favorite advertisements is PopCorners’ collaboration with Breaking Bad. While the snack being advertised is not my type of snack—I prefer regular chips—I would not be against trying them out. That is not to say that the advertisement is bad, however, as it does draw my attention through the use of a popular intellectual property, or IP, that I enjoy. Not only does the brand use the IP, but the brand uses the IP well. The ad is really a parody of the show done with the actual actors, showing their playful personalities and further fostering a parasocial relationship with fans of the show. The best part of the whole thing is that there is no controversy surrounding any of it, making it an overall enjoyable advertisement to watch, especially for fans of the show. 

Part A.2 

On the other end of the spectrum, there is the M&M ad that went all in on shock value with actress Maya Rudolph trying to sell “Ma&Ya’s candy coated clam bites.” This ad missed the mark by a mile. Following the ad’s airing during the 2023 Super Bowl, USA Today’s admeter placed it firmly in 49th place out of 51 (“Ad Meter,” 2023). Not only that, but M&M’s also announced the return of their so-called “spokescandies” as well, signaling the end of Maya Rudolph’s run as the candies spokesperson (Dick, 2023). Finally, if the poor reviews and the adjustments of future advertising wasn’t enough to show the failure of this particular ad, there is also the fact that the ad was removed from the offical M&M YouTube channel. 

B) After reading this week’s Learning Resources, describe an example (other than those listed in the readings) of when public relations campaigns have been effective or ineffective, and provide a link to information about that example.  Explain, in short answer format, why this PR campaign was successful or unsuccessful. 

Part B 

One of the most successful public relations campaigns is Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign. Part of the widespread success is due to the slogan which was both, “approachable and vague enough that anybody could apply it to whatever it was they were trying to aspire to do,” (Restrepo, 2022, para. 7). Additionally, Nike has used the campaign to push for women’s rights in sports, build connections with their customers, and advocate for safety during the covid-19 pandemic (Kent, 2021). All of this makes Nike as a company feel extremely approachable and almost familiar, which is a mark of a good public relations campaign. 


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1.) Rosemary Pitre

For this discussion post, I logged into my LinkedIn account that I created about four years ago and clicked on my profile page. I then clicked on “my network”, then “groups”, then “create” and was asked to fill in the “group name, brief description, industries (3 max), public or private (in which I chose to keep the group private), and permission” Before sending out invites to my classmates, I made sure to update my information to make sure that they would know who I was, being that my account was still under my maiden name. After that, I invited a couple of classmates to the private group which I called “CMIS 111-19JUN” 

I have used LinkedIn throughout the years, whenever I am looking for a job or seeing if positions are open in companies I am very interested in. I made a Linkedin account the year I decided to transition out of active duty. I don’t use it on a daily basis, but there are times I will get emails about certain positions and I log in to see what they are. I can definitely see myself continuing to use LinkedIn on a “need” basis. I like that I can network with people based on a specific company, education, certain job positions, hobbies, etc. It is also super easy to navigate and find exactly what I am looking for!

2.) Steven Fonner 

Prior to this class I did not have a LinkedIn account. I created one and set everything to private. I created a private group and named it UMGC CMIS 6380. I do not plan on using LinkedIn beyond the scope of this class and I will delete my account once this class ends. I will not use this feature in the future. I do no plan on being a public figure, no do I plan on entering the private sector. As such I do not find that broadcasting my career to the internet necessary or beneficial. 

While I do not plan to use LinkedIn, I do see the benefit of a public profile for individuals who do not share my security concerns. Broadcasting your experience and training can serve to maintain a public ad for employment. Showing headhunters what your abilities and achievements are as well as your connections and work history effectively advertises your resume in real time 24 hours a day. Previously, you had to send your resume to potential employers and hope the Human Resources software picked up on your trigger words and put your resume at the top of the pile. LinkedIn allows you to remain visible to all head hunters and the connections you create with your profile increase your visibility along specific careers and skill sets. This is a very useful tool for those wishing to use it as designed.

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