Communicating research results

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 identifying the audience for program evaluation is a challenging but essential skill. Different audiences will have different needs and interpret findings in various ways. It is vital that researchers know their intended audience and what their audience needs from the presentation of research. Some audiences respond better to visual presentations. Others respond better to statistics. Chapter 16 in your course text suggests a five-step procedure for audience analysis that may be helpful in properly identifying the needs of your audience.

While audiences may differ, one of the most effective ways to communicate with audiences is to clearly explain how the research was conducted and emphasize the most important findings from an objective and neutral point of view. While you may alter the presentation of results to better communicate with your audience, you must never change the results to accommodate them.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Think about the evaluation design you used to evaluate the program, problem, or policy you selected for your Final Evaluation Design (Final Project).
  • Think about the potential audiences for your Final Evaluation Design.
  • Consider how you would present your results effectively so these potential audiences understand and appreciate them.

Running head: RESEARCH 1


Impact of Workplace Environment on Amazon Employees

Tiumalu, Faiileono

HUMN 6480

Dr. Lydia

2nd November 2021


Amazon is a great American success story. Amazon is an online retailer. Similarly, it is one of the largest and most successful firms globally. However, most of its employees experience a poor working environment. They are disengaged and less enthusiastic as a result of poor working conditions. For example, the workers receive fewer pay raises (Kelly, 2021). Since the company attracts some of the best jobs, the firm does not keep its employees when they request for pay raise. They instead hire new employees, eager to work to keep the wages down.

Consequently, the researcher evaluates the impact of employee complaints concerning poor working conditions on the company’s brand reputation. Similarly, the company’s rate of turnover and revenue is assessed on how they are affected by the poor working conditions. In total, 200 employees from different departments and professions participated in taking the interviews and questionnaires. A t-test for the independent sample is used to investigate whether the expected values for the two variables are the same. Pearson correlation and spearman correlation are adopted to evaluate the relationship between the independent and dependent variables.

Revised Week 3 Assignment

Amazon is an American electronic commerce and cloud computing business. It was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 and is located in Seattle, Washington. Amazon sells everything from books to car parts to television sets. Most of Amazon’s success is attributed to customer services, not mainly to the selling of convenience factor. As a result, the firm built a significant loyal customer base, which has earned the company a lot of profits. Similarly, the firm has made investments in technology and innovation to meet its customer needs. Amazon is the second-largest employer in the United States after Walmart; it employs over one million workers.

During the pandemic, the online retail giant recorded profits; however, about 200 of its workers reported to the New York Times that they had to face unfair working conditions. The company emphasizes more on customer service and pays less attention to its employees. For example, the workers receive fewer pay raises. Since the company attracts some of the best jobs, they do not keep their employees when they request for pay raise. They instead hire new employees, eager to work to keep the wages down. Therefore, poor employee treatment can negatively affect the firm’s brand reputation in the long run. Consequently, the firm needs to evaluate the complaints made by the employees that may impact the company’s brand image.

Revised Week 7 Assignment

Creating a good working environment contributes to effective human resource management. Therefore, the research problem focuses on the treatment of workers at Amazon, which affects the quality of services. Amazon must look at the issue since it provides employment opportunities for many citizens in the United States and globally. Consequently, the research question, in this research, is based on the impact of employee complaints regarding poor working conditions on the company’s brand reputation.

The independent variable is the complaints submitted by the employees regarding poor working conditions. In contrast, the company’s brand reputation is the dependent variable. The second research question defined in the research is how poor working conditions contribute to high turnover and how the overall operations and the firm’s revenue are affected. Therefore, the high turnover attributed to poor working conditions is the independent variable. While the overall operation and firm’s revenue are the dependent variable.

A qualitative research design is used in the research. The researcher adopts interviews and questionnaires to conduct a survey on the workers working in Amazon. The test-retest method is used to ensure the reliability of the study. Additionally, the study also adopts a simple random sampling technique. Therefore, the researcher selects the Amazon employees using equal probability (Truesdell et al., 2021). Therefore, any Amazon employee is likely to be chosen regardless of their job position and profession. The main reason for using this technique is to ensure that the survey collects inclusive information about the various employee working environment. The limitation of the study is that it only evaluates the working environment for employees in Amazon. The sample size is 200 employees from different departments and professions

Analytical Techniques

Descriptive statistics use charts or graphs to describe data, while inferential statistics allows the researcher to make predictions. Consequently, in this research, inferential statistics are used. Therefore, data from the sample is taken to make a generalization about the entire Amazon employee population. Descriptive statistics can also be practical because it allows the researcher to make a bar chart of yes or no responses on whether the employees (participants) find the working environment at Amazon favorable. However, the researcher uses inferential statistics to create the logic that around 60-80% of the employees working at Amazon, for instance, find their working environment unfavorable.

Therefore, the study focuses on estimating parameters. Thus, the researcher takes statistics such as sample mean to explain something about the population mean or parameter. Moreover, this research adopts inferential statistics since the researcher can use statistical models in comparing sample data to other samples. The study adopts a t-test for independent sample means to investigate whether the expected values for two variables are the same. The data is normally distributed and continuous.

The measure of association is adopted to summarize the association’s size between variables (Independent and dependent variables). Regression analysis, on the other hand, explores the association between two or more variables. In addition, regression analysis makes inferences about the strength of the relationship. A measure of association and regression analysis can be used interchangeably. However, the study adopts a measure of the association since it can describe any relationship between variables. This is compared to regression analysis which is often used in only linear relationships between variables. Therefore, the correlation coefficient is used to measure the association between two variables (A Comparison of the Pearson and Spearman Correlation Methods, n.d., Pearson Correlation and Linear Regression, n.d.).

The coefficient in the study explains the strength and the direction of the relation between the two variables. The measure of association adopted in the study is the Pearson correlation. It is used to evaluate the linear relationship between two continuous variables. Therefore, one variable is associated with a proportional change in the other variable; this relationship is linear. Pearson correlation is used to evaluate whether improving the working conditions will increase or decrease the turnover rate and the overall operations. Also, the study uses the spearman correlation to assess the monotonic relationship between two continuous or ordinal variables. Therefore, the variables tend to change together. For instance, investigating whether enhancing the working conditions will improve the company’s brand reputation. The relationship between variables is examined with a scatterplot.


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Kelly, J. (2021, June 17). Amazon Prime Day Offers Great Sales—Here’s What Workers Suffer Through To Make This Happen. Forbes Magazine.

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