-Community Building-

-Community Building-


Create an updated version, incorporating the recommendations you made in your evaluation.

(1) Using your evaluation from Task 1, create a blueprint for how iEducate could select and engage CRMs on a Community Building Taskforce that would coordinate community building initiatives each semester. Be sure to include the following in your blueprint:

· Job titles/positions that should exist on the Community Building Taskforce & how many CRMs should hold each position

· Job requirements/responsibilities for each of the positions on the Community Building Taskforce, including a list of which community building initiatives they are in charge of organizing. This should incorporate all of the recommendations you made in Task 1 for how iEducate should build community amongst CRMs. (For example, if you said you think iEducate should host 2 volunteer events and 2 socials, include who is responsible for coordinating those volunteer events and socials in the job description of the position.)

(2) Again using your evaluation from Task 1, generate a list of each of the events your group is advocating be held. Your list should include:

· The titles/names of the events, a description of each event, and the purpose for holding each event

· Who we should invite (is this CRMs only? Should we invite funders, teachers, school staff, government officials, etc?)

· What iEducate should provide (food, snacks, party favors, awards etc.)

Subject Strength Weakness Recommendation
The interrelationships between CRMs · Good initial relationship between CRMs initiated at the ieducate academy.

· Good use of group chats to communicate information and coordinate any plans

 There is a lack of regular face to face interactions between CRMs specially CRMs assigned to the same teacher.

 Anecdotes of CRMs of the same class only seeing each other during training and meetings with interactions limited to notes on the red folder.

 CRMS don’t really know who is on campus which causes us to struggle because we do not know who specifically to ask for help.

· Examples of community events include- cookouts, film screenings, bonfire night, sports tournament, going out to a restaurant etc.

· Inexpensive field trips could be arranged either through ieducate or through the partner school

· CRMs can host fundraising events that will help pay for the expenses of these events that way these events will actually be fun. We could also build community at these fundraising events because we will be working alongside one another raising money for iEducate. Fundraising ideas include – bake sales, car washes, fundraising raffles, Walk-Athon, Bike- A thon, cooking sale, etc.


Ieducate Academy


· Good way to meet other CRMs who work within your assigned school

· Opportunity for veteran CRMs to impart knowledge onto the incoming CRMs


· Not enough meaningful connection being made as CRMs are more focused on training and learning about policies

· Too big of a crowd during these trainings, which limits what is being learned because we don’t get enough time for check for understanding points


· Coming up with ways to enable CRMs to contact one another even after training events or meetings

· Setup training events like Ieducte academy but for separate schools. This will not only lead to CRMs connecting with their school staff but them learning about their schools policies/ schedule better

· There should be fun icebreakers in these events set up in between to make it more enjoyable, and so CRMs can get to know eachother better. For example- two truths and one lie.

Community building committee · An organized way to delegate responsibility to certain CRMs to head community building efforts

· An available authority in place if anyone has any concerns/ complains about their relationships with teachers/students or CRMS

· Could lead to a lack of effort from delegated CRMs due to other responsibilities like school or other jobs

· Challenges could rise up if CRMs aren’t involved or interested in activities.

· Will not feel as if their is a choice of freedom in choosing whether or not they would like to participate in these different community building events

· There should be a council specifically called community building council. It would be the same as a student council, but in iEducate.

specific CRMS/ and or interns that are specifically hired for only coordinating these events.


CRM enrichment programs · iEducate does a good job teaching certain skills to CRMs and helps them succeed in classrooms

· Great opportunity for students who are pursuing education as a career path

· Scarcity of learning opportunities for students who are not in the field of education.

· This leads to them not fully committing to ieducate and treating this as just a job which could lead to a lack of involvement in community building activities

· Set Up a mentorship program that gives education and non education majors to connect with industry professionals to help move their academic career forward

· Give Ieducate alumni a chance to give back to ieducate to share their knowledge after graduating and help the CRMs who are still in school

· Gives CRMs an incentive to be more involved in their classrooms and fosters CRM involvement within the program

· · ·





Strengths of IEducate Academy

The content about iEducate Academy iss excellent. There is a clear and engaging presentation of policies, guidelines, and what is expected from CRMs. The roles and expectations of CRM s are clearly presented, and a person can easily connect with them. Having read them, one can easily kickstart the program without further instructions. The program captures all the necessary information that an upcoming CRM or any educator needs. There is a clear description of what a CRM is expected to wear in school. This is a strategy to ensure professionalism because CRMs are role models for students. The program also clearly articulates the various meetings that should be held between CRMs and their co-teachers. It further points out who leads a specific meeting; this allows CRMs to prepare adequately. The use of videos makes training more engaging and fun. It is also notable that the program further guides the CRM on content delivery, clearly stating what a teacher should do in class and what one should not do.

Weaknesses of iEducate Academy

However, some content in the program is not presented clearly and maybe a bit disengaging. The program does not explain the relationship between CRMs and school managers, such as principals. It only presented a structure of a campus support tree but did not tell when one should consult the officials. The teaching strategies are generalized, yet they should be dependent on the content of the class session. The ACE philosophy was just mentioned, and trainees may not relate to it. A more in-depth analysis and discussion would be prudent. With examples to make the content sink deeper. The fact that the training only involved virtual videos could make it less engaging. The trainers would have used a real example of CRM in class and handle a specific content area so that trainees will master the concept.


The program can be made more engaging and effective by first assessing the needs of the training before getting the right content and materials for training. Apart from videos, the trainers can organize a practical session whereby one of the trainers or trainers can act as a CRM and conduct a meeting with students. This can be done in groups. To avoid monotony, different trainers should handle various topics. During such academies, iEducate should foster a community of CRMs. They can do this by creating a pleasant training environment to motivate CRMs.

The training should be structured in a way that trainees can master concepts effectively. -posThe training can be organized for two days so that the trainees do not have to absorb all the content once. It is also advisable to conduct the training before midday, especially for content. Evenings are the best time for the videos and practical sessions because the concentration ability for content concepts will have reduced among the trainees. New trainees should be equipped more on policies and expectations. Regarding continuing CRMs, trainers should focus on their progress, assess challenges, and address them.

I believe a pre-work for the trainees would be useful as this will give them a basis for what they should expect during the actual training. Hence, less time will be spent on training because the trainees already have a clue. The pre-post should entail content related to the policies of CRM.allows them to ask questions during the training and make it more engaging. Post-work should also be given to trainees on their roles so that they can start practicing.