Community research on public health

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Please watch the video


Hero with a Thousand Faces (FULL MOVIE)

Please be mindful that, this video is 1 hour and 29 mins long. So, you have to watch full video to complete this assignment. 

This is the video of the ebola virus outbreak

This video discusses “The outbreak of Ebola in West Africa was one of the most deadly health epidemics in recent history. Sierra Leone was the hardest hit by the virus. However, the story of Ebola isn’t just one of mass death; it’s a story of the first responders rushing in to face insurmountable odds, of brothers in arms refusing to quit when all seemed lost. Even while fighting to eradicate the disease, these unsung heroes were treated like pariahs by the very families and communities they were trying to save. The American nurses and doctors who gave everything were criticized for choosing to serve in Africa instead of at home. Despite all this, they continued to fight and stopped the deadliest outbreak in modern history. While the 24-hour news stoked fears of the Ebola virus, these true-life heroes sprinted into this war with fearless abandon. While we closed our hearts and doors to those in need, thousands of West African men, women and children rose up to engage this enemy.”


Please follow the rubric strictly (attached).

You have to use at least 

  Reference the textbook and at least one other scholarly resource.

Community on a Big Screen Assignment

Description- Students are required to select a movie, TV show, or documentary based on a real-life event related to community health.

You have to watch an hour and 30 mins long video..

Hero with a Thousand Faces (FULL MOVIE)

Remember to proofread for correct grammar, sentence structure, clarity of expression, organization of paper, citation, quality, and general appearance. Use APA 7th edition format, site all references. (at least 3-4 pages)


Write a reflective summary on the following:

1. Why did you select this film?

2. What is this film about?

3. What thoughts does this film draw out in you?

4. What is your emotional response to this film?

5. What moments, characters, or ideas resonated with you while watching this film?

a. Why did you connect with them?

6. What themes are present in this film?

7. How does this film relate to what you learned in this course about community health concepts? Reflect on the learning objectives and course content.

Reference the textbook and 
at least one other scholarly resource.

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