Complete Short Research Purpose Statement and Reason Why

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Submit your research problem, purpose, and question(s). Discuss why this topic is important to nursing and nursing care.

What nursing agenda is represented within your topic?

Thesis progress summary

The topic I chose to investigate for my research paper is the attitude of nurses towards administrating palliative medication. The thesis for my paper on the above issue is to examine the factors that contribute to the success of a palliative care administration towards the terminally ill patient. My research paper is coming along well. At first, it was difficult for me, but after a thorough search on different sources from the library and online libraries, it became easy for me to explore the topic more in-depth. I have successfully identified the factors that hinder and contribute to the success of palliative care. I have also identified some of the ways through which to overcome the challenges that may impede the progress of palliative administration. Therefore, I will be able to complete the research paper and hand it over within the given duration.

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