Computer Forensic

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Must be written in APA format and must include references. 750 words total.

1. Not only is conducting an investigation important, but presenting the evidence is even more important. If that presentation is not understood, then it will be rejected (or not understood). Experts are educators for the courts.

Write a two paragraph description of hashing that a non-technical user could understand and post it for your classmates to critique. (Please do not start with an analogy. Instead, start with a pseudo-technical explanation and then provide an analogy towards then of your explanation, if you think it is helpful. Too many “experts” attempt to explain technical concepts and solely rely on using analogies, which is not a good practice.) This should be in your own words.

Note: You’ll need to submit your own post before you can read and reply to others.

Background: A two-paragraph answer in your own words can be a challenge. There is a reason for this type of discussion. There will be times when you’ll be asked to explain a technical concept and you won’t have access to a textbook or the Internet. For example, you could be in an elevator and your director or general counsel turns to you and says, “I read your report. Could you explain hashing real quick?” You have the duration of the elevator ride to explain it. Responding with, “I can send you an email when I get back to my desk” is not acceptable. You could be at a deposition or at trial and you would need to answer a question right there on the spot. You wouldn’t have the Internet to consult. You might work with law enforcement and the officer on your case happens to be in the building and they stop by to ask you a quick, passing question. If you can’t answer, then you lose credibility. If your answer is technically incorrect, then you have other problems. All of these situations are realistic and can happen. 

2. Imaging: Hardware or Software?

Since we have so many different ways to produce a forensically sound image, why do you think we need more than one? Is there some advantage of one over another?

What are the advantages of hardware solutions versus software solutions?

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