The concept map must include the following content:

1) Name of specific Exceptionality

2) definition of category ( use DSM-or World health organization)

3) Characteristics of the exceptionality

4) Educational and community Consideration to foster engagement / inclusion

5) other considerations

6) list 5 key resources placed directly on your map

these are key sources you might direct a family or support worker for additional information on the exceptionality . for example , a government website . this is addition to the cited reference page .

the concept map should be a useful one page information sheet that you can share with community , families , organizations, school and other support workers . be creative with your map use colour and add thumbnail images . the concept map should be on blank 8×11 piece of paper . your page layout can be either portrait or landscape . there are multiple styls of concept maps( ie. fishbone, ladder). please make sure concept map is clear , legible in design . A criterion for the concept map is included on the concept map competencies rubric .