Include your own perspectives, examples, and reflections within your answers. Leave a space between your paragraphs also. Long paragraphs are difficult to read.

You may use the both texts and outside resources to supplement your answers. Do not copy from the text or website.

You will be graded on the depth and substance of your answers. I will also grade the accuracy of grammar, spelling and syntax in your writing so take care to write out your answers completely. Use APA format for your writing


1. The 1920 paper by Watson & Rayner on conditioning a phobia in an 8-month-old infant is considered to be one of the founding pieces of scientific research in psychopathology – but what are its weaknesses?

2. Can doing research on healthy volunteers tell us anything about the causes and symptoms of psychopathology? Discuss and support your answer.

3. Do single case studies have any value if their findings can only be generalized to other cases? If so, give examples.

4. Are there any circumstances in which it is acceptable for practicing clinical psychologists to view the research literature as irrelevant to their professional practice?

5. Watch the videos Milgram’s Obedience to Authority Experiment and The Stanford Prison Experiment. Post your comments and reflections on these research projects. Discuss the conclusions (are they valid?) and ethical issues of the studies.