Conflict PP presentation

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I attached a paper that might be of help.

PowerPoint Presentation

This instructor assigned a conflict case scenario (one scenario per group) where the nurse practitioner ‘student must assess and implement an action plan for management. The APRN student will work in a clinical group, discuss how to initiate a plan of action in resolving the clinical issue and present a PowerPoint presentation. No more than 10 slides should be used with group participants of 5 to 6 students per group.

Group assignment. For this assignment you will self-assigned to a group of no more than 5 students each group. I will assign a case study to each group for each group to develop the presentation by following your syllabus rubrics.

The following website might help you to understand conflict:…

This website explains how to write a Power Point APA format:…

Conflict Resolution Group Case Scenario PowerPoint Presentation. In your slides answer the following questions applying them to the conflict assigned to your group.

  1. 1 Introduction 10 (what type of conflict is yours:…
    2 Your group Case scenario -10 (as given to you by this Instructor)
    3 Discuss the specific conflict specific to your case -15
    4 Discuss individuals involved 10
    5 Discussed the plan of action 15
    6 Results expected 15
    7 Accountability partners 10 (related your problem case: patient, administration, etcetera)
    8 References -15
    Presentation Total 100%
    PowerPoint Presentation Rubric

Topic A (4) B (3) C (2) F (0) Score

Focus Objective

A. Objective is clear

B. Shows awareness of purpose

C. Shows limited awareness of purpose

F. No awareness

Main idea

A, Clearly presented

B. Supported presentation

C. Vague sense of main idea

F. No main idea

Overall organization

A. Well-planned

B. Good overall organization

C. There is a sense of organization but weak

F. No sense of organization


A. Exceptionally well-presented

B. Well-presented but not enough evidence

C. Ideas are present but not particularly developed

F. Content is not sound

Research component

A. Sources are exceptionally well-integrated and support claims

B. Sources are well integrated and support the presentations claims, but there may be occasionally errors C. Sources support some claims made in the presentation but might not be integrated well within the presentations argument

F. The presentation does not use adequate research or sources are not cited correctly according to the APA style

Grammar and mechanics

A. Excellent grammar, spelling, and punctuation

B. A few errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation

C. Shows a pattern of errors in spelling, grammar, and/or punctuation

F. Continuous

Conflict for our group:

In this situation, the physician wanted the nurse practitioner assess the patient and order diagnostic tests independently without the physician supervision. However, the nurse practitioner was reluctant on the grounds that she felt not experienced enough to perform those specialized roles without the physician’s guidance and supervision. The nurse had repeatedly informed the physician that although nurse practitioners are allowed to undertake the advanced medical roles in the state, she had not yet acquired enough experience under the physician’s supervision.


Joseph, M. (2019). How to identify and manage conflicts arising in care delivery settings. Retrieved from…

van Diggele, C., Roberts, C., Burgess, A., & Mellis, C. (2020). Interprofessional education: tips for design and implementation. BMC Medical Education, 20(2), 1-6. Retrieved from…

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