Contemporary CSR issues


Assessment 1:


  • Individual assignment
  • 2500 words
  • essay format


  • Note: Assessment 1 is marked on an anonymous basis – please use the appropriate front sheet with the fold-over flap and ensure your name is not visible in the document (eg in headers or footers).




The case study sessions in weeks 1–4 have a range of discussion questions attached to them. In each case study, a question related to that case study is identified as an essay question option (see list below). You will need to select one of the case studies we have done in class and the appropriate question for that case and write an essay that:

  • Addresses the question set for the case study
  • Builds on the discussion in class and your own preparation for the case study discussion
  • Incorporates your reflection on the case issues.

You should ensure that you offer a coherent and suitably structured response to the question chosen and that there is appropriate analysis, drawing on relevant theoretical models where appropriate.


Further research and reading beyond the case study materials is required, as you are aiming to produce a deeper and more considered response that builds on the discussion in class. You may need to add further examples, data or illustration of the issue


Essay question:


Is there a conflict of interest between the health of consumers and the profits of firms in some industries? If consumption of a product is bad for you, can firms who sell it ever be ethical?


Critically compare the ethical issues in the tobacco and soft drinks industries and, for one of the industries, suggest appropriate CSR policies that firms might pursue.