Cooperative learning

In the assignment, [see assignment u05a2] Assignment.
These three concepts are key:
Peer reviewed journals
Most of your dissertation will stem from this type of resource.Peer review is a model of academic publishing that is considered the gold standard for published , scholarly research. Articles in peer reviewed undergo an extra level of screening for rigor.
Research databases
Assignment instructions: Introduction: State the Research topic.
Keywords: Identify in one sentence the key words used in your specialization data base that you search, both singly and in combination
Search Strategy: In one well written paragraph, describe your search strategy. Identify the specialization database that you searched and why you chose it. If you changed your keywords or limits during your search, describe your search revisions and rationale
Literature review: In paragraph form, describe how the articles you identified contribute to your research literature review. Be sure to use proper in-text citations for any articles you use to support your analysis:
Here are some questions to consider:
Have they contributed new information about what is known about the topic?
Have they contributed information about what is not known?
( a gap in existing literature?
Have they confirmed or disconfirmed earlier research?
Have they given you new questions or recommendations for further research on the topic?
Have they led you to change your thinking on the topic?
Have they demonstrated that the topic is or not of interest in your specialization?