Create a blog post for parent education

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For this week’s assignment, you will develop a blog post (500 words) or a brief podcast or video (2-3 minutes) in which you provide an accurate summary of the neurodevelopmental diagnosis you chose (you will select a diagnosis from those listed in the Neurodevelopmental disorders chapter of the DSM 5). Your audience for this post will be parents, family members, and loved ones of a newly diagnosed client.

In the post or video, you will succinctly and accurately describe:

Major symptoms (do not cut and paste the criteria from the DSM-5)

Major causes (remember, family members often feel like they did something to “cause” their loved ones’ condition.  By describing the best current evidence on causes, you can alleviate some of those fears and shame).

  • Major treatments (including medication)
  • Cultural considerations
  • Things parents and family members can do to help

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