Create a PowerPoint out of the information given and add to it as well. Make sure to answer other questions as well. 6.6 Identify the six key steps of an external anal

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Create a PowerPoint out of the information given and add to it as well. Make sure to answer other questions as well.

6.6          Identify the six key steps of an external analysis of an organization’s service area and the key components of those steps.

External Analysis is divided into 6 steps to help strategic managers implement an idea that has never been done or further develop an idea

Step 1 is “Organizing the External Analysis Process”, which further explains how much each nested system within an environment can affect other environments.

·  General Environment is the broadest system that can take an idea, invention, or law that can be adopted by other organizations; depending on their management needs

·  Healthcare system greatly affects anything involved in healthcare, whether its technology, health policy, political change, competition with other healthcare organizations, and anything related.

·  Service area is the area of a health care provider encompassing the geographic location from which most of its customers and patients are recruited.

Step 2 is “Scanning the General Environment, Health Care System, and Service Area” This is being able eliminate predictable surprises. Strategic managers can avoid disasters by identifying and documenting a number of external organizations. By having an understanding and operation of external systems, they can anticipate and respond to shifts in general environments and health care systems

Step 3 is Monitoring and Confirming External Issues. This step ties closely with Step 2 but it monitors the issues in “scanning”. The four key functions in monitoring are identifying additional sources of information for each issue in the scanning process. It adds to the external issue data base. When it comes to trends, developments, dilemmas, and possible situations, it is very important to confirm or disprove it. Lastly its function is to determine the level of change within the issues.

Step 4 is Forecasting External Issues; integrating both monitoring and scanning. It is further extending trends and changes to predict future events. Forecasting looks for hidden trends that can possibly change the direction of an organization.

Step 5 is Assessing External Issues is tying all the steps together. A strategic manager needs to able to interpret the information they receive.

6.7         Identify what is meant by the term “stake holder” and what is a stakeholder analysis.

6.8        Define the following and give an example of each:

– Market segmentation

–  Customers (consumers) in health services

– Branded Services

– Perceptual gaps in service delivery

6.9         Define and identify the primary components of a competitor analysis for a  chosen service area (structural analysis).

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