Create Mandala – 9 squares in the middle + 4 corners + 12 circles

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Below are exact instructions how to make the mandala.
First READ IT ALL so you understand.

Create Mandala:
9 squares in the middle (each square with a few images in it, representing something)
+ 4 corners of fire/air/earth/water
+ 12 circles of astrology (attached)

I suggest first to create the mandala and then insert the images/ symbols.

Use ONLY images / photos – NOT clipart – without watermarks!
Do not leave any white background.

I will attach the 12 astrology images when you take the assignment.


Making the mandala:

Use the following plan to create your mandala. In each of the boxes place pictures and/or objects that depict the qualities of soul the relate to the different squares of the mandala. This of course, are those same qualities that lie within you Lawlor ( ) suggests that you complete this activity by filling in the squares as follows.

TEACHER – l. The Central Square represents your soul essence: What symbol(s) embodies your spiritual essence. Place that symbol in the Central Square.

My answer – pictures of: Butterfly, light, brimming light, inner outer sparkly colors.

2. The Upper Center square represents the bedroom. Place, in this box images of sleeping, dreaming, and lovemaking that connect universal soul to the personal soul. What images come to mind that depict the mystery and peace of sleep?

My answer – pictures of: Colors of light blue and white. Sleep, relax, romantic love, the word LOVE

3. The Upper Right represents the bathroom: Place the symbols that depicts washing and beautifying your physical body. Place images that convey the ideas of caring for soul through bathing?

My answer – pictures of: Insert pictures of: Eye lushes, good smell, bright windows, bath with bubbles, clean, pure, the Kabbalah 10 sfirot.

4. The Center Right square represents the closet: What symbols that depict how you want to appear to others. Consider your attire in different roles such as parent, employer, party-goer, student, etc. What fabrics or colors might show up in this square.

My answer – pictures of: Insert pictures of: Organized clothes by colors. – showing different hats: university hat, mom (soccer mom hat), chef, party captain hat (shiny hat- google burning man captain pink hat), sun vacation hat, and any hat that is good for modern world woman.

5. The Bottom Right Square represents the kitchen. The kitchen represents the hearth of the family, nourishment, the warming qualities of your home and family life. Place symbols in this square that represent these qualities.

My answer – pictures of: Show the nuke in the kitchen. The word love. Cooked homemade dishes like fish, vegetables, homemade cake, family heart.

6. The Center Bottom square represent the qualities associated with the dining room. Imagine enjoying a feast of all the best that life has to offer. What symbolizes an abundant banquet for you? What portrays nourishment and fulfillment?

My answer – pictures of: Meal table, but instead of food in plates put in the plates: money, books, airplane, family laughing together (mom and two teenage kids, older girl and younger boy), music, friends

7. The Bottom Left square is the office. Place images in this area that embody the soul or spirit at work, the power of money, and your ideal profession.

My answer – pictures of: Show a very serene environment. Like a spiritual therapy counselor room. Candles. Show hearts all over. Also show how someone writes books.

8. The Upper Center represents the gathering room. In this box, place symbols compassion, benevolence, and unity among people.

My answer – pictures of: Symbols compassion, benevolence, and unity among people: hands together, dancing in white clothes, hearts, light.

9. Finally, the Upper Left corner is the solitude room. In this space, place images that represent the ways in which you enjoy solitude or the qualities of solitude that you wish to cultivate in your life.

My answer – pictures of: Show a woman from her back, raising hands up high like dancing / meditating in sunrise next to the ocean.

These boxes represent the inner ring of your Soul Mandala of the Soul. These images represent the sacred text that dwells within you. “The outer ring of your mandala symbolizes the environmental influences that affect your experience of dwelling in the world. As you did with the inner ring, place pictures and object that describe your relationship to climate, land forms, animals, culture, and event that surround you. (Lawloy, 1997).

10. Upper Right Corner: Water: Place images that you associate with the element of water.

11. Lower Right Corner: Fire: Place images that you associate with the element of fire.

12. Lower Left Corner: Earth: Place images that you associate with the element of earth.

13. Upper Left Corner: Air. Place images that you associate with the element of water.
inspiration of air.

14. Outer Border: The Months: In the remaining boxes, place images or objects that express your association with the seasons and months of the year.

ATTACHED: Instead of the months, put the astrology signs. I will show you pictures.

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