Create visual communication

407.4 Create visual communication of data and information
Creating data visualizations is another way to communicate data to decision makers. Traditionally, visualizations have been created in Excel in the form of charts and graphs; however, the volume of data and information has pushed the healthcare industry to expand their use of data analytics software. As software has become more sophisticated, easier to use and available to end users, data visualization software has become essential for organizations to explore and understand their data. No matter the tool used, end users have to be able to understand the underlying data and implications to create value for an organization. In this competency, students will explore data sets, perform data analysis and create visualizations in tools outside of Excel.
Instructions                                                                                                         Create data visualization to better understand how these tools can help to create new programs to provide services to patients by combining clinical data and community-based data sets.
Step 1: Gather Data
Community Commons
Download and save the MU_REPORT_2016.csv file:   (See Attached File)
Step 2: Analyze Data
Use Community Commons to create a report on:
1.     One chronic condition, and
2.     One corresponding social determinant of health
3.     (these should comprise an identifiable healthcare issue that you are, or would be interested in developing a solution for)
Create an Indicator report containing the following sections:
4.     Demographics                                   8. Health Behaviors
5.     Social & Economic Factors                 9. Health Outcomes
6.     Physical Environment
7.     Clinical Care
Save and Download report
Filter MU_REPORT_2016 data to show:
Attestation Year = 2016
Find 3 providers who would provide clinical care to the selected population in the selected communities used for the Community Commons Data Indicator report from the MU_REPORT_2016 file.
Step 3: Create Data Visualization
The visualization should be constructed either as 2 slides or as a small infographic, using graphics and legends to present your findings to a group of physicians. The presentation should inform physicians of the defined population and provide recommendations for next steps to address the challenges this population is facing. These recommendations should be worked into the visualization itself, not typed up as a paragraph supplementing the visualization.
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