Interest area is creating a community for combat veterans to help battle mental health issues, help with employment, education and an overall community so they know they are not alone.

describe your interest area or cause, how you would build a team to work with you, how you would assess your area, and how you would plan and launch your social change project, organization or initiative.

Drawing on the readings, videos and on-line discussions from topics 1-3, write an 10-page paper focusing on your area of interest or cause that answers the questions below. Be sure to address all the questions and follow this outline when writing your paper. Use APA Style for the body of the paper (please do provide a title page, but you don’t need to write an abstract):

A. Your interest area (social problem or undeveloped opportunity)

1. What is your interest area or cause and what draws you to it?
2. What is your experience in that area?

3. Who are the primary stakeholders working in the area?
4. What biases do you bring, including those toward the kinds of social change interventions you might use, and how you might use them?

5. What level will you target and why? (an individual, institution(s), community, state, national, international, other)

6. What is the specific social change project you would like to initiate?

B. Building a team

1. How you would go about forming a team to work in your area?

2. Who would you include and why?

C. Assessing your area

1. Which assessment method would you use and why?

2. How would you implement that method?

D. Planning and launching your project or initiative

1. Which method of future planning would you select and why?
2. How would you implement that method with your team?