criminology,main post and 1 respond watch youtube

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Are babies born knowing right from wrong? Yale University’s “Baby Lab” shows that babies might know the difference between good and bad behavior at early ages. In your response, start off your main discussion post by stating either: YES, babies are born knowing right from wrong. Or, NO, babies are not born knowing right from wrong. Be sure to refer to materials from the Unit pertaining to biological youtube video and than write 2 paragraph post.

Are babies born knowing right from wrong?

and also comment on this post(200 words): Yes, i do believe babies know right from wrong. It is clear in the video that the babies, even toddlers knew the difference between the bad puppet and the good puppet. The home lifestyle also helps, in my opinion. If the baby or toddler grow up to see their older siblings or parents hit, they will begin to hit. It is all about attention. Like my mother always says, negative attention is still attention. Once a baby see’s wrong actions, they will automatically think that it is ok. The parents need to instill in their child right from wrong, whether they know right from wrong or not.

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