Cross Cultural Management paper

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I need the Title and outline of the paper as well as the paper.

Cross Cultural Management Paper

Your paper is an in-depth assessment on a topic related to cross-cultural management written from a management perspective. You must do more than explain the topic. You much make recommendations for the workplace. Your paper will be 5-10 pages using APA style. There is also a discussion topic for any questions you may have regarding your research paper. I will not accept Wikipedia as a reference source.

Paper Title and Outline- Must be submitted with the paper

Review the list of possible research topics below, along with the paper requirements and information on creating an outline. Submit the title of your paper along with an outline of the paper. You must also include three of the five required references in an APA formatted references list.

Possible topics

Pick one

  • The history of affirmative action.
  • Male/ female communication styles.
  • The history of the Americans with Disability Act.
  • The authoritarian personality.
  • Training to be assertive
  • An analysis of body language (in business).
  • The Americans with Disability Act protection of obese individuals.
  • Protections (rights) of employers under the American with Disability Act.
  • History of the gay rights movement.
  • Motivating generation X.
  • Ageism in the workplace
  • Explanation of the two types of sexual harassment. (As defined by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission)
  • Gender differences in the African American community.
  • Gender differences in the Latino American community.
  • Gender differences in the Euro-American community.
  • Impact of Gender on Leadership Style
  • How to manage the change process.
  • Explain the generational issues that Asian Americans face.
  • Explain how an organization can create an inclusive workforce.
  • How differing religions affect the workplace.
  • Mentoring programs for women and minorities.
  • Inclusion as part of leadership training.
  • Succession planning for inclusion
  • Recruitment practices for inclusion
  • Benefits of work/ life balance programs
  • Analyzing social class diversity and how it impacts racism
  • Creating effective cross-generational work-teams

Your 5-10 page paper must be written from a management perspective. A recommendations section is required: those recommendations should indicate what management should do based on your research. Recommendations should be solid, realistic and actionable. Must be written following APA format, including in-text citations and references. Must include at least five references. Format for paper and other expectations are available in the Content area of the course

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