CSI EBP Model Discussion

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Attached is the paragraph that needs to be revised. Please revise this section to flow better. Remember what I mentioned in class – give a short definition of each of the points of the model and then connect it to your PICOT. Below are definitions that you can use to explain each of the 5 steps of the ACE Star Model.

·Star Point 1: Discovery—represents conduction of primary research studies

·Star Point 2: Evidence summary—represents the synthesis of all available knowledge compiled into a single harmonious statement/document, such as a systematic review

·Star Point 3: Translation into action—combining the existing evidential base with expertise to extend recommendations into evidence-based clinical practice guidelines

·Star Point 4: Integration into practice—practice is aligned to reflect the best evidence

·Star Point 5: Evaluation—an inclusive view of the impact that the evidence-based practice has on patient health outcomes, satisfaction, efficacy and efficiency of care, and health policy

After defining each point then discuss that aspect of the PICOT you relate it to. This should take a total of 10 sentences – and you would start with….The Ace Star Model of Knowledge Transformation best fits this project. The project’s primary objective is to translate the role of holistic alternative medicine from a complementary treatment to an independent management approach for pain. This model includes….


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