Csu final discussion need in 11 hours

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The last discussion in this course is designed for personal reflection and learning reinforcement. To prepare for an original post, compile and assess the leadership biography developed in Module 1 and the personal leadership metaphor constructed in Module 6. 

Carefully review that content and reflect on your current view of leadership and your preferred leadership discourse, beliefs, and assumptions. It is not necessary to share those reflections.

Module 1

The success of organizations and the countries in the entire world is facilitated by the leadership approaches applied. However, transformational leadership style is the leadership approach I am familiar with. As a result of this leadership approach, changes are brought in the organizations and the countries hence making it easy for the set goals and objectives to be achieved. For the transformational leadership style to be effective, the leadership come up with strategies which contribute to the changes in the entire world (Changar, 2021).

On the other hand, this leadership approach has brought in place different benefits to countries and organizations due to its ability to create and hence manage changes. The changes brought by the leadership approach are important in the improvement of the lives of majority of the people in the entire world. Finally, the transformation leadership approach bring about new corporate visions which are important for the growth and the development of the organizations (Techo, 2021).











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Techo, V. P. (2021). Optimistic Leadership for the 21st Century and Beyond. The Journal of Values-Based Leadership, 14(2), 8.

Module 6

Clifton Strengths’ Strengths finder help us determine the strengths of workmates and increasing their productivity by engaging their talents. Some of my strengths are:

• Empathy with others

• Having harmony

• Positive attitude

• Ability to connect

• Builder and developer

These strengths can be used in leveraging others awareness through the finding means and ways of increasing output by motivation (Marchi, 2021). When one engages in a position that effectively utilizes their strengths, increased output is accrued. By setting one for leadership positions which make them act as role models to identify and build their strengths. Additionally, by finding best suitable roles in the business. This is because it helps in upholding and pursuing best skills and interests.

The awareness of others helps us build stronger relations at workplaces as they help us in focusing on the strengths and shifting our mindset from weaknesses, it builds up team work and unity, helps in determining weak points and strongholds in workplaces and it contributes to the strengthening of the team. This leads to the choosing of the best strength building behaviors (Patten, 2021).





Marchi, N., Wavelet, J., Davis, S., & Condict, M. (2021). Patient Safety Teamwork Using the Clifton® Strengths Finder Tool and Cognitive Rehearsal. Nurse Educator46(3), 133.

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